The US capital is home to congress, cherry blossoms, and incredible lunch spots.

If you aren’t having a fantastic lunch delivered to your door every day of the

week, you just haven’t found the right places to order from. Thankfully, that’s no

longer something you need to worry about, because we’ve compiled a list of five

favorites guaranteed to satisfy.


Roti promise to serve “Food that Loves You Back” and they deliver both

figuratively and literally. Their flavorsome Mediterranean dishes are great for a

nutritious desk lunch, and they also put together a mean spread for catered



Sometimes, only protein will do – and if it’s meat you’re after, look no further than

Potbelly’s packed sandwiches. They do both catering and individual meals, and

with salads, breakfasts, cookies and more on the menu too, they’re a fantastic

pick for a casual team lunch or office get-together.


Make every day Cinco de Mayo with Qdoba’s vibrant Mexican fare. They serve

up crowd-pleasing bites that are perfect for sharing – and their office-delivered

burrito bar gives team lunches a fun twist. Plus some locations even deliver

breakfast: so put some spice in your team’s step with a surprise breakfast burrito



With an emphasis on using farm-fresh ingredients to create exciting, tempting

meals, Fresh Connections pride themselves on serving a superior spread. Their

menu encompasses everything from hors d’oeuvres to full sit-down meals,

making them a fantastic choice for a catered meetings and events.


With a hefty five-star customer rating, VIPS are the people to call when you’re

aiming to please. Their premium food selection can feed small groups to large

sit-down parties, and they’ll even cater to a specific theme or nationality. They

promise to deliver food that looks as good as it tastes, for meals that’ll make a

lasting impact.