Looking to spread festive cheer in your office this year? Here are some unique ideas for celebrating the holidays that won’t break the bank!

Holiday bake-off

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of delicious baked goods, and so a holiday-themed ‘bake-off’ is a perfect way to bring everyone together. Send out a call-to-arms for office bakers everywhere, and see who bakes the best holiday cookies, cakes, or festive-themed treat. Have employees take a vote on the best bakers, and award prizes to the winners.

Family-style holiday dinner

Organize a catered, sit-down meal for your team in the comfort of your own office. Serve up food family-style, or order a special holiday package from your caterer. Afterward, you can even appoint DJ slots to different people to enjoy a variety of music, set up your own karaoke station, or bring in a host of board games for some traditional after-dinner fun.

Year of giving

A charitable giving event  is a great way to get into the spirit of the season and foster a sense of community in your business. There are multiple organizations that facilitate the sending of holiday gifts to less fortunate communities, both at home and abroad. Employees can work together to fill shoeboxes with small gifts and treats for children across the world or bring in a monetary donation and a gift tag for donation.

Handy holiday party

An afternoon of learning cooking or crafts can end up being a hugely memorable experience for employees.  There are tons of different activities to enjoy – from cupcake decorating workshops to painting or a traditional cooking class. If you have a creative team, you can even work together to create an art piece for the office.

Want tips for planning a quirky holiday event for your office? Contact us today!