Whether you realized it or not, last Saturday was National Sushi Day, so we decided to celebrate by exploring America’s love for the Japanese favorite. Sushi makes a perfect order-in choice for busy professionals who want to opt for a healthier option. But what’s the favorite in your city?

Read on to find out – and restaurants, take note: if you know that your city favors tempura over tuna, or sashimi over Hamachi, it’s a great opportunity to feature those items on your menu and make it easier than ever for customers to order what they want.

If you’re a Bostonian, the chances are, you love nothing more than a spicy tuna roll. Boston ordered the sizzling favorite 8 times more frequently than the rest of America, spending an average of $37 per order.

We already learned that Chicago love their Philly Cheesesteaks during March Madness, but when it comes to sushi, it turns out they’re not afraid to be a little adventurous. They’re 25 times more likely to order a negi Hamachi roll (also known as yellowtail with green onions) than their fellow countrymen, spending an average of $40 per order.

Los Angeles residents like a bit of crunch with their sushi. They order crunchy rolls 6 times more frequently than the rest of the States, with an average spend of $38 per order.

Miami are soaking up the sun with a side of salmon tempura, according to our data. Miami order salmon tempura rolls 7 times more often than the average, and their order total usually hits around $40.

Maybe it’s those cold winters, but New Yorkers – like Bostonians – also like a little spice in their sushi. They order spicy tuna with crunch a huge 31 times more than average, spending $36 on average.

If you’re in Texas and craving a break from bbq, Dallas is the place to head for sushi. They’re fans of salmon sashimi and are 3 times more likely to order sushi than the rest of the state.