The Most Popular Sushi Lunch Orders in Major U.S. Cities

Whether you realized it or not, last Saturday was National Sushi Day, so we decided to celebrate by exploring America’s love for the Japanese favorite. Sushi makes a perfect order-in choice for busy professionals who want to opt for a healthier option. But what’s the favorite in your city?

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How to Trim the Fat from your Office’s Food Bill

According to research from Certify, a cloud-based travel and expense report management solution,  businesses spends 10-12 percent of their total annual budget on expenses related to travel and entertainment, with food accounting for 12 percent!

This is not a passing fad. Companies are increasingly realizing the postive role food can play in the workplace. From improved talent acquisition and retention to greater employee collaboration and communication, companies are finding food to be a worthy investment. As a result, these companies are not likely to scale back on the food purchases – nor should they! – but they are looking for ways to make the process of having food in the office more efficient to ultimately reduce the cost while continuing to reap the benefits.

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Seamless Offers Office Food Delivery Solution to Corporate America

Whether at your desk, conference room or in your car, eating away from home is getting easier and tastier thanks to more delivery options and online ordering services, such as Seamless. In fact, based on industry data, Americans spent an estimated $70 billion in 2013 just on takeout and delivery!

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Food Happiness, Delivered

Food Happiness, Delivered.

Discover how easy feeding your office and managing your company’s food expenses can be with Seamless.

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