The holidays are approaching, and the chances are, your office party planning is well underway. Here are a few last-minute tips to make sure your shindig goes off without a hitch.

Work with your caterer

Food is an all-important factor when you’re planning a party, and there is a host of different options to choose, from canapés to a sit-down dinner. Whatever your theme and style, work closely with a caterer to plan your menu. The caterer can advise on popular menu choices for similar clients, and if you’re ordering for a large party, they’ll often make something bespoke to suit your tastes and preferences. Make sure that you cater to dietary restrictions and include vegetarian and vegan options, or if you’re providing a sit-down meal, clearly communicate menu choices ahead of time so that team members have a chance to flag any dietary restrictions or concerns.

Time your party carefully

The team party should be timed carefully to cater to both the people who prefer to come early and head home to families, and the crowd who want to make a night of it.  A start time of around 6.30pm is late enough for employees to wrap up the working day, but early enough that people can attend for a few hours and still head home at a reasonable time. Make it clear to employees what the party ‘end time’ is, so that they know what time they’ll need to head elsewhere (and start buying their own drinks).

The morning after the night before

If your party falls on a weekday, the chances are, everyone has to head into work the following day and there might be a few sore heads. Why not plan in advance and  order in a bagel breakfast with lots of coffee, water and fresh fruits? As well as helping boost productivity, this move is guaranteed to cement your position as the office hero!

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