Whether you’re a 3-person startup or a corporation with thousands of employees, a summer picnic can be a perfect way to add some feel-good summer vibes to the office. Organize your event on a weekend and allow your team to bring their families, or let your staff loose for an afternoon and bring a breath of fresh air to their day.

Choose a Dream Theme
A fun theme adds an extra element of interest for employees, and takes a picnic from a casual gathering to a special event. And don’t forget, many of the best themes can be brought to life with picnic-friendly food types! Consider a rock-n-roll theme with burgers, fries and live music, or an outdoor cinema picnic featuring popcorn, candy and hot dogs.

Raise your Game
Let’s face it, not every employee loves the idea of “organized fun”, but there are plenty of games that are too good to resist – even for the most cynical staff members. Aside from classics like softball, volleyball and relay races, you can try non-sporty options like a scavenger hunt around your office or neighborhood.

Style it Out
When it comes to the quintessential picnic, style is everything! Mason jars, patterned blankets, lanterns and beautifully wrapped cutlery all help to add a simple level of elegance that your employees probably won’t expect – but will always appreciate. Don’t forget to give your event a catchy hashtag so that when your employees share their snaps on social media, their friends and family will know that your company is an awesome place to work.

Elevate your Eats
Countless restaurants deliver incredibly diverse and tasty platters, ranging from down & dirty barbeque to chic Mediterranean bites. If you’re picnicking on a budget, don’t forget that a little presentation can elevate the look of your spread. For example, you can take a fruit platter and create elegant skewers, or portion French fries and popcorn out into small, individual cones.

Back up your Plan
There’s nothing like a summer thunderstorm to put a dampener on picnic activities, so always plan for the worst. If you have the space, have a contingency plan in place to host your picnic indoors. If you don’t have room to host inside, arrange for a marquee area, or even consider handing out free ponchos if the weather takes a turn for the worst!

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