October 17th is “Boss’s Day ” – a time of the year dedicated to celebrating our fearless leaders. Boss’s Day is a great excuse to show some appreciation for the higher-ups at your organization, have a team get-together, and even earn a few brownie points along the way!

Here are some ideas of how you can show your love and gratitude and remind your boss that you really do deserve that bonus, after all.

Throw a surprise party

To pull off a true surprise, you’re going to need to get buy-in from your bosses second-in-command, who can block out time in their calendar and coax them to your agreed party spot for a “meeting”. At this point, you can all jump out (bonus points if you’re all wearing a mask of your bosses face), ply your boss with cake, and try and persuade them to enjoy at least half an hour of relaxing chat with the team.

Buy a novelty gift

You know the kind of thing we’re talking about. Novelty ‘boss’ mugs, hilarious stationery…when it comes to a novelty holiday, all bets are off. You could even compete with your coworkers on who can find the best gag gift, and give your boss a good laugh at the end of a hard day.

Get serious

If you are looking to show your appreciation with a sweet and thoughtful gesture, look beyond the classic corporate gifts  and imagine you’re buying for a friend. A nice bottle of something they love, vouchers for a delicious meal, a luxurious scented candle, or a Seamless gift card to use at home are great choices. Want to go bigger? Consider pooling with your co-workers to treat your boss to a travel or pampering voucher.

Put it into words

Sometimes it takes a holiday to make you stop and think about the things and people you appreciate in your life, and you should take this opportunity to let your boss know what they’ve done for you. If they were an inspiration, a mentor, or encouraged you to pursue your passion, write them a thank you card and let them know. If you have the kind of boss that everyone looks up to, create a ‘wall’ of personal notes and surprise your boss with an outpouring of appreciation and a delicious lunch. It’ll be a hugely sentimental surprise, and won’t be forgotten.