With the hot, heady days of summer upon us, and countless of coworkers out for vacation, it’s easy to see why lethargy can become an epidemic at this time of year. While many organizations may slow down, summer can provide a great opportunity to whip up morale, and prepare for busier times ahead. Here are our top tips to make sure your workplace gets the most out of summer.


Well-fed employees are usually happy employees, and a free lunch can provide a great morale boost to combat the summer fatigue. If your workload is lighter, take the team out for a long summer Friday lunch, or order in everyone’s favorite picnic foods and head out to a sunny spot. It’s a fantastic way to recognize everyone’s hard work, and give your employees some rest and relaxation ahead of a busier season.


With an increase in vacations, the summer months tend to see a lull in meetings and conference calls. So why not use the quieter times to your advantage by planning ahead for the fall? Where possible, prepare a plan of action for new projects on the horizon, and keep your workplace informed of the coming calendar year – your employees will be grateful for the heads up, and everyone will be better mentally prepared.


If your office operates a formal dress code, the summer can be an onslaught of sticky commutes and daily discomfort. Try incorporating a ‘dress-down’ day into your summer schedule, where employees can enjoy wearing lighter summer clothes to the office. You can even bring in fun themes and offer spot prizes for the best dressed.


If you know that you’re going to enjoy a quieter, meeting-free week, consider incorporating a team “away day” into the office calendar. Head out to a nearby park, have a huge cookout, or partner with a local charity organization and volunteer for the day. Animal sanctuaries, thrift stores, and community outreach projects can all be tremendously rewarding for employee morale.

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