We at Seamless know that Admins are the office heroes that don’t always get recognized. While you might maintain a secret identity that allows you to tackle office obstacles, let us help you find ways to make sure your office knows you’re the one always saving the day.  We recently held a webinar discussing the best strategies for managing every day office tasks and gaining the recognition you deserve. As a sneak peek we’ve listed 5 tips below on the best practices for helping you order and manage office supplies.

1. Have a Detailed Master List

One of the most helpful things to do is to create a detailed list of all your regularly used office supplies, including the product brand, name, number, color and other details.  This makes it easier to order or restock items, especially when it’s important to get a particular brand or type of product.  For instance, you could make a note in your list of the specific brand and type of toner your printer needs so you won’t have go searching for the details each and every time you need a replacement cartridge.

2.  Buy In Bulk

Another helpful thing to do is to aim to buy in bulk.  Because you’re maintaining an inventory of office supplies, this allows your business the opportunity to purchase larger quantities, which lead to greater savings.  Savings like these add up quickly, especially if you’re buying the most popular items in bulk. Also if you’re using one single vendor for all of your office purchases, you have the buying power to try and negotiate savings on smaller purchases as well.

3.  Take Advantage of Office Supply Rewards Programs

There are several good reasons behind using an Office Supply Rewards program.  First, you can often save your orders on their system, so that it is easy to reorder supplies in the future.  You can also sign up to receive points or rewards for your purchase and apply them toward future purchases.  The office supply business is competitive, so you should search to find out which company has the best program for your needs specifically.

4.  Store Items in a Central Location

Storing all of your items in a centralized location makes it much easier to keep track of all of your office supplies.  If you don’t currently have a space like this, you might want to consider creating one–either on a shelf, inside a closet or even on top of a counter in the office.  Once you’ve done this you should organize all of your office supply items by both frequency and use.

5.  Routine Supply Check

Routine supply checks are so important, because the last thing you want is to run out of ink the night before you have print up a giant presentation.  Things like scheduling routine supply checks and keeping track of which supplies move the fastest, can help to ensure that nothing sneaks up on you.

For more ideas on how to make your office life a little easier, listen to our webinar for tips and tools to conquer every day office tasks.  We take on common challenges such as battling calendar management, tackling last minute travel needs, and planning the perfect event, meeting or lunch.